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Risk Disclosure

We (BetterInvest) herein highlight that investing in alternate investment opportunities involves high risk and you (user of the BetterInvest Platform) consent that, prior to making any decision with respect to an investment on our platform,  you have evaluated the risks with respect to the investment , its objectives and your financial capacity. It is herein highlighted that prior to making any investment decision on our platform, you have agreed and understood the following :

Loss of Investment

You herein agree that your investment in any of the investment opportunities listed on our platform will not generate guaranteed returns, despite the quantum of amount invested by you. You understand and acknowledge that as an investor you investment is subjected to risks and that you may lose whole or part of your investment amount. You herein acknowledge that investment in alternate investment opportunities comes with its own risks and that you have examined all the associated risks attached to an investment opportunity prior to making an investment. We and our affiliates do not represent/warrant/guarantee the full value of your investment towards any investment opportunity.

Adverse Marketing Conditions

We, through our platform, would have projected certain forward looking statements with respect to certain investment opportunities listed on the platform. These statements are based on past performance which may be relevant to the present economic scenario. You herein acknowledge that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and that your reliance on any of the aforesaid statements will not act as a guarantee for your investment in a particular investment opportunity.


The investments in the opportunities currently do not have any avenues for leverage

Minority Investment and Inability to Control

Investment in a particular opportunity will represent a minority stake that cannot accord the control characteristics of majority or controlling stakes in the SPV or otherwise exert significant influence on its management. Furthermore, as a minority investor, the SPV’s rights will be typically conditional on a majority of other investors. An investor’s ability to realize appreciation from the investment may therefore be reliant on the existing management and board of directors of the SPV.

Lack of Liquidity

Investment in the investment opportunities enlisted on our platform should be considered as a long-term investment and liquidity may not be achieved at the projected price all the time. Investments are subject to market conditions. You herein acknowledge that liquidity cannot be guaranteed. As a result, an investment in the opportunities herein is not suitable for an investor who needs liquidity, and no investor should invest in an investment opportunity if such investor cannot afford to hold the investment indefinitely.

Natural or Man Made Disasters

The occurrence of natural disasters, including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, explosions, pandemic diseases and manmade disasters, including acts of terrorism and military actions, could have a negative impact on Indian economy and could adversely affect the impact of the investment opportunity.

Delayed payments

You herein acknowledge that payments to you with respect to an investment opportunity are subject to reasonable/inordinate delay. In other words, you acknowledge that you may receive payments that is due to you from an investment, at a date later than the agreed date on the platform. You herein agree that we are not responsible to facilitate timely pay outs associated to an investment opportunity.

Inaccurate/Incomplete Information

You acknowledge that the information provided by us with respect to an investment opportunity contains reports and analysis which may be uploaded on our platform from time to time, are not complete in nature. You are wholly responsible for examining and analyzing each of the investment opportunities prior to making an investment. You herein further acknowledge and understand that we may not be able to provide full information with respect to an investment opportunity enlisted on the platform.

Changes in Indian Law/ Regulations

You herein acknowledge that the legal and regulatory landscape with respect to the investment opportunities enlisted on our platform are evolving by nature. Any changes to the legal and regulatory landscape with respect to the investment opportunities may adversely impact its performance. You herein acknowledge that a change of such a nature may adversely impact your investment in a particular investment opportunity. The foregoing risk factors do not purport to be a complete explanation of all of the risks involved in the investment opportunity. Potential investors should read this document and the investment opportunity documents in their entirety before determining the risk factors in respect to subscribing to the opportunity. Kindly note that we are merely a facilitator of the services mentioned on our platform and we herein do not guarantee returns of your investment

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